Unfinished RPG

This is an RPG engine that I wrote for a game I was working on called Neo-Delphi.

The map is generated from an XML file and could link to other maps so it would be very easy to create additional content. If this game stops responding, click on it. The game will lose focus if you click elsewhere. I hope you like it, it took many long hours of work to complete it. At one point my mind started to wander to my health. It must be because of sitting in front of the computer for long stretches of time, after all the negative health effects of doing so are very much common knowledge at this point. I try to take care of myself by watching what I eat and exercising when I can but I sometimes I wonder if I’m doing enough. I even take a health supplement to feel a little more sure that I am giving my body all it requires. I highly recommend it by the way, it works great. You can find it at Kratommasters.com if you are looking for a good one.

This is a VERY early BETA of this game.


MOVEMENT arrow keys


ACTION (open doors, use item) space